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                          Welcome: Shenzhen Baolifeng Electronic Co., LTD
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                          About us

                          Shenzhen Baolifeng Electronic Co., Ltd‘s FPC factory was established in 2015. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales of FPC circuit boards and Rigid-flex boards,Rigid circuits boards. It is a high-precision and high-quality comprehensive company. Products are widely used in mobile communications, smart home, optoelectronics, industrial control, medical equipment, automobiles and consumer electronics and other fields. Products are exported to Germany, the United States, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Japan and other global markets. Baolifeng is committed to providing customers with more convenient, fast and one-stop manufacturing services.

                          Baolifeng has a direct-use plant area of more than 3,000 square meters, a monthly production capacity of more than 5,000 square meters, and a team of more than 100 people. Among them, more than 20 executives have more than 20 years of experience in the industry to provide professional guarantee for customer prototype manufacturing. Baolifeng has always been customer-centric, and its sales network has expanded to many countries and regions including Asia, Europe, America and Australia, and its sales performance has continued to grow.

                          At present, 1-16 layers of high-precision FPC circuit boards, 2-16 layers of flexible and rigid boards(2-20Layer Rigid pcb), impedance boards, and buried & blind vias are all Baolifeng’s mature conventional process capabilities, and have a new black hole line, VCP copper plating Line, LDI automatic exposure machine, vacuum etching machine, Huajian double-head dual platform drilling machine, Chinese roll-to-roll cover film/shape laser machine, plane flying needle machine, automatic target punching machine, Yangyi gong board machine, Character/QR code inkjet printer, automatic PI/adhesive tape machine, automatic steel sheet reinforcement machine, vacuum fast press/transmission machine, second/four-line testing machine, pneumatic punching machine and other high-precision equipment are our products To escort, at the same time, the introduction of fully automatic precision FPC production and testing equipment (automatic two-dimensional element, crystal image microscope, bending tester, peel strength tester, salt spray test machine, constant temperature and humidity box), and equipped with FPC flexible circuit board Batch and expedited double production lines, complete production process and technological process, with modern dust-free workshop and office building, to ensure that each batch of products are delivered to customers with quality and quantity.

                          Baolifeng adheres to the service philosophy of "Customer First, Quality First" and the business philosophy of "Create Value for Customers" and continue to innovate and develop. The company has always taken "people-oriented, customer first, quality first, excellence, continuous improvement, efficient and economical" as its development policy. Cooperating with us will be your best choice!

                          Fast and accurate are our characteristics. Single and double-sided models are available for 24 hours, multi-layer models have one layer a day, that is, four-layer boards for four days, six-layer boards for six days, and so on.

                          After receiving the formal order, the mass production of double-sided boards is 5-6 days, and the multi-layer boards are 7-9 days. (Our company is now opening a two-line production line, one is a mass production line; the other is a special express line for the development company,

                          (24 hours for double-sided, 48 hours for four-layer, 72 hours for six-layer) The prototype has been tested by flying probes, and the shipment rate is 100% PASS.

                          Our company adheres to the principle of customer first, with high-quality products, and all staff of the company will serve you enthusiastically. Welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen to call for negotiation or visit the factory for inspection.



                          CONTACT US

                          Contact: Mr.Du

                          Phone: 15723420701(微信同號)

                          Tel: 0755-23289186

                          Email: sales@www.spadayo.com

                          Add: xingye road,14th,bao'an shenzhen city CHINA