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                          What are the advantages and characteristics of guangzhou flexible circuit board?

                          In the electronic product processing industry, flexible circuit boards can be divided into two branches: hard and soft.  Traditional flexible circuit boards are generally rigid circuit boards.  Flexible circuit board is a kind of printed circuit board with special functions, mainly used in mobile phone, laptop computer, digital camera, PDA, LCD and other products.  Flexible circuit board is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate. The reason why it can set up branches separately is related to its performance and characteristics.  From the performance, it has a hard sound brush circuit board does not have the advantages, today we look together!  

                          Flexible circuit board FPC  


                          1. Flexible circuit board can be freely bent, crimped, folded, can be arbitrarily arranged, and can be moved in three-dimensional space and proportion according to the requirements of spatial layout, realize the integration of component assembly and wiring, with high flexibility.  


                          2. Flexible circuit board even in the component, the use of wire rope and FPC flexible plate conductor, smooth section, reduce the steel wire diameter, and the shell form an integral whole, make the equipment structure more compact and reasonable.  It can not only reduce the volume of electronic products, but also reduce a lot of weight, to meet the needs of high density and miniaturization of electronic products, and towards the direction of high reliability.  


                          3. Use a flexible circuit board to eliminate wiring errors.  All subsequent circuits are the same as long as the process drawing is checked and approved.  When connecting the line, make sure the connection is consistent.  


                          4. When connecting the soft board of the flexible circuit board, the interconnection of switches can be reduced due to the wiring of X, Y and Z planes, thus improving the reliability of the whole system and providing convenience for fault detection.  


                          5. According to the requirements, the design of the flexible circuit board can control the inductance, capacitance, characteristic impedance, attenuation and delay parameters, and can be designed to have the characteristics of the transmission line controllable high power parameters.  



                          The above is the advantages of the flexible CIRCUIT board FPC shared today!  




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