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                          What are the advantages of FPC soft board, how many do you know?

                          FPC (flexible circuit board) is a kind of PCB, also known as "soft board".FPC is made of flexible substrates such as polyimide or polyester film and has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, flexible and high flexibility.




                          Can withstand millions of times of dynamic bending without damaging the wire, according to the spatial layout requirements of arbitrary movement and expansion, achieve three-dimensional assembly, components assembly and wire connection integration effect, has incomparable advantages of other types of circuit boards.




                          Advantages of FPC flexible board:






                          A significant advantage of using FPC flexible board is that it can be more easily routed and connected in three dimensional space, and can also be rolled or folded up for use.As long as it is crimped within the allowable radius of curvature, it can withstand thousands to tens of thousands of times of use without damage.




                          Reducing the volume


                          In the assembly and connection, compared with the use of wire cable, the conductor section of FPC soft plate is thin and flat, reducing the size of wire, and can be formed along the shell, so that the structure of the equipment is more compact and reasonable, reducing the volume of connection.Compared with rigid PCB, the space can be saved by 60~90%.




                          Lose weight


                          In the same volume, the weight of FPC flexible board can be reduced by about 70% compared with wire and cable under the same load, and about 90% compared with rigid PCB.




                          Consistency of connection


                          FPC flexible board is used to eliminate the error of wire and cable connection.As long as the processing drawings have been proofread and passed, all the subsequent production of winding circuits are the same.There will be no misconnection when installing the connecting wire.


                          Increased reliability




                          Design controllability of electrical parameters


                          According to the requirements, the designer can control the capacitance, inductance, characteristic impedance, delay and attenuation when designing the FPC flexible board.Can be designed to have the characteristics of a transmission line.Because these parameters and wire width, thickness, spacing, insulation layer thickness, dielectric constant, loss Angle tangent, which is difficult to do in the use of wire cable.




                          The ends can be soldered as a whole


                          FPC soft boards, like rigid PCBS, have terminal pads that eliminate wire stripping and tinning, thereby saving costs.Terminal pads are connected to elements, devices and plugs by immersion or wave soldering instead of manual tin soldering for each wire.




                          Materials are optional


                          FPC flexible board can be made of different substrate materials according to different requirements.For example, polyester film can be used in assembly applications requiring low cost.In demanding applications where excellent performance is required, polyimide films can be used.




                          Low cost


                          The total cost can be reduced by using FPC soft board.


                          Due to the consistency of various parameters of FPC flexible plate wire;The implementation of the whole end, eliminate the cable and wire connection often occur when the error and rework, and the replacement of FPC flexible board is more convenient.




                          The application of FPC flexible plate simplifies the structural design, it can be directly adhered to the member, reducing the number of wire clips and their fixtures.




                          FPC soft plate is cheaper for shielded wires.


                          Continuity of processing


                          The continuous production of FPC soft foil can be realized because the soft foil can be supplied continuously in rolls.It also helps keep costs down.


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