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                          FPC forming method and environment introduction

                               n the production and manufacturing of FPC, molding is the process before the quality inspection and packaging, but also the final process in the manufacturing process. The shape of the FPC varies from square to round, from strip to cone, from regular to irregular. In order to make each piece of product shape consistent, beautiful, standard, in line with the planning requirements, FPC forming methods generally select die punching forming and cutting forming, craft forming. According to the number of quantity, precision, customer requirements of the length of delivery, choose different molding methods.

                          2 layers FPC soft board.png


                              First of all, to introduce die punching. Die punching molding, its main body is the mold, different FPC products have different needs of the mold.

                              Die according to the data, there are steel die and knife die. Steel die is made of steel, high precision, stamping times, not easy to deformation, is a commonly used die, because of its heavy weight, the device often needs to be moved, and the cost is high, therefore, the steel die is generally not made too big, suitable for FPC punching the size of the single board within 600mm; Knife die light quality, low cost, made of wood and steel blade, precision is not high, generally only applicable to the shape of the precision requirements are not strict products and accessories, such as reinforcing pieces, etc. (the subsequent no longer discuss the knife die, the mold refers to the metal steel die).

                              According to the precision, there are fine mold, general mold, simple mold, which involves three production methods of mold, slow wire walking, medium wire walking, fast wire walking; The mold made by slow wire is a fine mold, whose precision service is ±0.05mm. The steel is of good quality, not easy to deformation, but the price is high, and the manufacturing time is long. Unless the customer has special requirements for the contour accuracy of ±0.05mm, this mold is generally not selected. The mold made by wire walking is a general mold, its accuracy is ±0.10mm, the accuracy can meet most needs, the price is moderate, the function is stable, for the usual selection of mold opening varieties; The mold made by fast wire is a simple mold, the accuracy is ±0.2mm, the price is a little cheaper than the general mold. Generally, the products with low requirements for shape service are selected this mold opening method; The steel die is composed of an upper die and a lower die, with the lower die as the base and the upper die as the punching die. After the mold is installed on the punch press, the stamping height of the mold is adjusted with the test plate to select the appropriate stamping force, so as to ensure that the FPC can be cut according to the shape planning diagram, without damaging other parts of the FPC that do not need to be cut. According to the size of the FPC, the die is often a multi method, that is, stamping once, forming multiple FPC, and then improve the production power. In the production process, under the premise of not changing the FPC shape planning, the mold only needs to be manufactured once, the subsequent can be recycled, suitable for mass production, reduce the unit production cost.

                              Secondly, it is cut molding, generally only used for sample and very small batch production. CNC cutter cutting forming and laser forming. CNC knife cutting, input the cutting drawing into the computer, fix the FPC plate on the equipment according to the positioning hole, the cutting head on the equipment moves according to the drawing line, and then cut the FPC into the specified shape. This cutting method, due to the volume of the blade itself is relatively large, and the tool head is easy to damage, the precision of the FPC processing molding is poor, the processing time is long, the depth of adjustment is improper, will lead to burr, cut through and other conditions, before the laser cutting boot did not appear, generally only used for FPC sample and protective film, electromagnetic film cutting molding. With the laser cutting throughout the boot, because of its high accuracy (≤0.05mm), the cutting surface is round and square, less burr, faster than the knife cutting, therefore, has replaced the CNC knife cutting method. At present, most FPC samples are produced by this method. The need to pay attention to is that, because laser cutting is the use of high energy red/ultraviolet beam processing, so there may be traces of burning in the cutting surface, after production is not to affect the beautiful, as far as possible to take a dust-free cloth with alcohol scrubbing.

                               Finally, is the craft molding, is the craft with scissors, word molding, as long as a few of the shape of the precision of the product will use this method.

                          These are the FPC molding methods, as well as their advantages and disadvantages and the use of the environment.


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