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                          Zhongshan FPC soft board printing ink what is the difference

                          Soft plate FPC oil ink is mainly divided into three types of resistance welding, three lines, character ink.  




                          Ink plays a role in the production of copper foil protection, so that the copper skin is not exposed, will affect the following process, sensitive ink, carbon oil, silver oil, and carbon oil and silver oil have conductivity to do, usually used ink color, white oil, green oil, black oil, blue oil, red oil, butter.  




                          What is the difference between the inks printed on FPC soft board  




                          FPC soft plate ink printing (white oil) printing, protective oil printing (black oil), anti-welding dry film printing (green oil)  




                          White oil: Most of the FPC is printed with words and symbols, such as secondary pipes, etc.  




                          Black oil: used for large area on the surface of FPC line to strengthen the ring strength of FPC soft plate.  (Also used to keep a part secret)  




                          Green oil: used for solder joints have insulation effect, generally in the soft plate FPC when used without adhesive place.  


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